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Weanne Myrrh. 20. Filipina Seventh-day Adventist.

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Tuesday, May 12
My Curse

*Disclaimer: It is with utmost humiliation that I post these pictures here just to emphasize what I’ve written in the blog entry below. The people I’ve taken the picture with have been cropped out to protect their reputation.

Aargh… You know what’s nakakainis? This morning, I was looking at the pictures during my graduation and here’s the summary:



  • Ooh, there’s me sweating like a camel in the Sahara desert.
  • There’s me squinting into the camera with a confused look on my face.
  • There’s the batch’s crush ng bayan posing with the eyebags that grew a face (aka me.)
  • Ooh is that Tado? The long haired guy comic? Oh no wait, that’s me. (sigh.)
  • Oooh, there’s me looking pretty decent – except I’m not looking into the camera
And here’s the worst part: my eyebrows’ bald patches are scene-stealers in every picture. Yup, my practically non-existent eyebrows - which I had unconsciously plucked out with my bare hands during the last few days of school due to the stress of planning the graduation – are the final touches on the horrifying pictures that are supposed to be my mementos of the glorious day I culminated four years of educational torture. Hai… It’s not like I’m not used to it. In every event where everyone’s supposed to look good, I’m always the one who looks unkempt, unpolished, un-brushed, un-ironed, unprepared. My excuse for my hobo look on my graduation day?
  • I didn’t sleep until 2 am to finish my farewell speech (that would explain the eyebags.)
  • Graduation day: I woke up, took a shower, dried my hair, slipped into my clothes and rushed off to the church (which would explain why my hair was greasy and my face was makeup-less).
  • Then I was cheerfully greeted with the news that the flag stands were still at Finster. I grabbed Cristy and we rushed to Finster where I ran across the wet grass of Friendship Park (in my heels, no less) to wake up the janitor who had the keys (oh, so that’s why I was sweating.)
  • My pained look in the pictures must be because of my shoes – they looked nice and innocent, but believe me, they’re murderers.
  • And what about my eyebrows? I plead insanity to that one. Hai…

Welcome to my world… hehe… Don’t even get me started on my junior prom pics. (While the other girls looked like hookers in their dresses and make-up, I looked like a wallflower… Huhu… The unjustice of it all…)

Hai… Wala na akong magagawa don. Promise to myself: From now on, I will never ever look losyang in any picture again. If ever I forget that promise, I’ll just look at my graduation pictures. And after I’m done wiping off my vomit, I’ll do my hair, put on some powder, smile brightly and take a picture of myself. Just to make things even.