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Weanne Myrrh. 20. Filipina Seventh-day Adventist.

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Thursday, October 29
Don't read, this post is totally useless.

dull. dull. dull. sucky. day.

Spent the morning attending what was probably the last orientation of my collegiate career. Spent the afternoon watching Glee reruns, and clicking "Home" on Facebook just in case someone would post something that was the least bit interesting. Spent the night playing Cooking Academy on my hardworking laptop. Found out that even in the virtual world of cooking, I suck too.

I just wasted 24 hours of my life. My laptop is my bestfriend now. Darn.

The one thing that made me smile today was the sight of Mimo dashing to his room after hearing Mommy come out of the master's bedroom. He was seriously breaking the computer curfew.

Don't know what's wrong. It's too early to be PMSing. Things aren't going well in the love frontier either. Love and life haven't been coinciding lately.

Yuck, too emo. I'm gonna stop before I start wearing all black and listening to bleeding love songs. Night night.