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Weanne Myrrh. 20. Filipina Seventh-day Adventist.

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Thursday, May 14
Moments with the Boyfriend: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Part II

First off, congratulations to my older sister and her boyfriend, who are celebrating their 5th MONTHSARY today, the 14th of May. Theirs was the quintessential love story of two "just friends" who spent their waking days adamantly telling everyone that they were just that and that was all they were ever going to be. Weh. Classic case of denial. After around four years of wrong turns, prayer, and even more denial, they finally came to the realization that best friends make the best lovers. And everyone went, "WE TOLD YOU SO." Sa kahaba ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din lang pala ang tuloy. Haha.

Anyway, hindi ako nagkulang sa payo na wag sila mag monthsary ng 14th of the month
all for the reason that their February monthsary would fall on a Valentine's Day. If you ask me, your own celebration of one month's worth of mushiness should be a separate occasion from the entire world's lovefest. I do not want kissy couples, heart decor dangling from the ceiling, and naked angels with bows and arrows flying around on the day that's supposed to be ours alone. Pero yun. Ok nadin siguro, para makatipid, isang celebration nalang.

They celebrated the past 5 months with toasted chocolate flat tops, mixed chuchurya, grape Sprite, and a movie at the Estrada's residence. And I have to say, as their chaperone for the day, it was all very yummy.


On the flip side, me and the boyfriend celebrated our 27th day together (haha) by eating gourmet caf take out at the Molave park. When allowances are dry, anything will do as long as you're together, right? haha...

After devouring the veggie burger and meatless macaroni soup, we decided to play Text Twist on the laptop for lack of better things to do. For those of you who have been living under a rock all these years, Text Twist is an anagram game where the computer shows you a word with its letters all mixed up, and you have to guess what the word is, as well as to find other words that could be formed by the given letters.

I have to say, with all humility, that we were ruling Text Twist -- high scores in the first round. Oyeah. Haha.. The second round was much more difficult.


My mind worked quickly, formulating the first word of the round, zoning in on four standout letters. My fingers poised on the keys, ready to type the word "love" when my eardrums broke to the sound of the boyfriend suddenly screaming in my ear... "WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Good to know that Mars and Venus are still in their happily opposite orbits. :)