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Weanne Myrrh. 20. Filipina Seventh-day Adventist.

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Monday, May 11
Lesson Learned

Everytime something comes along with the pretense of actually being good, I ruin it.

The mystery is gone.

I got scared, my kamanhidan got the better of me, so I cracked too many jokes and now I guess I’m back in the friend zone. Which is quite a nice place, but it is nothing like the accommodations at the Potentials - Could Be Something More site. And it’s not like I want to be more than friends. I just like the thought of knowing I might actually mean something to someone.

Can someone just prescribe me something that keeps a big mouth shut? Or something that keeps feet from entering oral cavities? Gosh, I’m such a turn-off.

Haha story of my life. I feel like kicking myself in the shin and saying “Yup, you screwed up big time, sister. Again.”